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Discussing Burnout—Doctor Neha in the Hot Seat

DOWNLOAD THE MP3 | LISTEN ON iTUNES Kim: Dr. Neha Sangwan is an internal medicine physician who drove herself to burnout and thus became something of an evangelist for dealing with stress. She's the CEO and the founder of Intuitive Intelligence—that's the name of the company, rather than the trait itself—and an international speaker who teaches…

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Five Steps to Navigating Emotional Landmines

DOWNLOAD THE MP3 | LISTEN ON iTUNES Doctor Neha: Welcome to Talk Rx with Doctor Neha. We're filming in Bali this week, and I have a special guest, Cassie, who actually lives here. I had the pleasure of meeting her recently at an ecstatic dance experience. Welcome, Cassie Cassie: Thank you, Neha. Doctor Neha: Tell…

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