The Two Step Decision Making Tool

Do You Have Decision-Fatigue?
You know, when you waffle over making decisions that should be simpler than they feel.

You make dozens of decisions every day ranging from simple ones (what to wear in the morning or what to eat) to more complex ones (whether you’ve outgrown a relationship or a job description).

Sure, there are areas of your life where you feel confident.  And at other times, you find yourself stuck in a figure eight loop of uncertainty.  Have you missed key opportunities because you couldn’t make up your mind?  

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The Key to Feeling Heard—Every Time!

The Key to Feeling Heard–Every Time!

Who’s the best listener in your life? You know, that person who just gets you. Don’t you wish you could clone him or her?

Yet other times, you might feel like a broken record, repeating the same message over and over—to people who seem tuned out. And no matter how important your topic or how persuasive you try to be, it doesn’t seem to get through. Bill, an experienced surgeon and hospital administrator, knows what that’s all about. Usually, he’s the one in control with everyone listening to him. He can fix just about anything—during surgery.

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The Secret To Defeating Defensiveness

Do you know someone who enters conversations with their dukes up? Maybe it’s a colleague or boss at work. Or maybe it’s someone around the dinner table or at family gatherings.  You know, the person you wish would just relax, take a chill pill, and stop arguing and interrupting. You’ve probably done everything humanly possible to change the outcome—to no avail.

When does defensiveness show up in your world?  It’s that moment when you hit an emotional landmine. The topic might be who’s going to do the dishes, the latest political drama or even the status of your relationship.

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Are You On Empty or Self-Full?

Are You on Empty or Self-Full?

How many times have you tuned out the safety instructions blaring over the loudspeaker on an airplane? I bet you could recite them verbatim. The flight attendant calls for everyone’s attention. You know the drill … let’s fast forward to this part: “In the unlikely event that the cabin pressure should drop, oxygen masks will drop from above your seat. Please put your mask on first before assisting others….” How often do you rush to save someone else in lieu of taking care of yourself? Probably as often as you tune out the messages over the loudspeaker.

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It’s No Laughing Matter

Have you ever wondered how to navigate uncomfortable conversations? You know, that moment when everything goes radio-silent and gets aawwwk-ward. Usually, it’s when someone has a serious concern or wants to bring up something near and dear to their heart. If this type of interaction isn’t in your comfort zone, watch out, because your body will start talking—loudly.

Shaan, the CEO of a San Francisco startup, is worried that when he encounters an emotional elephant in the room, he may come across as inauthentic. Watch this brave entrepreneur use his body and mind to get to the bottom of his dilemma.

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Bye-Bye, Page Street


FINAL SALE. A new owner on the deed. And that makes me just one of the many travelers over the last 119 years who have called this plot of land their home.

This change has forced the completion of every last errand, every decision not yet made and prioritized the reconnection of relationships that had fallen by the wayside. No wonder buying or selling a house is one of life’s major transitions.

Giving up the four walls of this Victorian home that have provided me a quiet, protected and
peaceful place in the world and deciding what to keep or let go of has me feeling raw and

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Why Is It So Hard To Say Good-bye?

Girl Asking for Approval

We love our stuff! And when it no longer fits in our garage or basement, we rent out a climate-controlled space to keep it in. Rather than letting go of what we no longer need, we would rather pay a monthly fee to store our extra belongings “in case we need them.” The Self-Storage Association reports that the space available in this country for self-storage is approximately three times the size of Manhattan. This concept doesn’t just apply to our material possessions. We desperately hold onto other stuff as well…whether it’s relationships, jobs, or our youth. Often,

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Your Window of Opportunity

GI-FB_Promo-DrNehaSMy final manuscript for TalkRx heads to the publisher shortly, so thanks for your emails and support along the way. I’m back in the real world again and excited to regularly communicate with you!

I just returned from Kripalu Retreat Center on the East Coast where I led a weekend workshop previewing communication tools from my upcoming book. The close-knit community, authentic connection and powerful insights from participants gave me a glimpse of what’s to come.

Fifteen years ago, as a medical resident, I never imagined that the trajectory of my career would have taken such an exciting turn.

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Come Away With Me…!


For those of you who began this journey with me many blogs ago, you might recall that my steps to becoming an author have been challenging, to say the least. I had always thought of myself as a physician, corporate consultant and speaker, but not a writer. I began my blog with “I’m not writing a book. This book is rewriting me.” And it did.

On Feb. 17, the day I left on a family vacation to Goa (India), I turned in the first full draft of my manuscript. What a massive sigh of relief!

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Is LOVE Taking You For a Ride?

With V-Day upon us, it’s the perfect time to take inventory of the many kinds of love in our lives. Whether you’re a parent or a partner, a sibling or a soul sister—whatever the relationship, there’s always a give and take. While sometimes unspoken, each person brings their own hopes and dreams to the relationship and a unique way of supporting the other. But if the waves of love throw your relationship off balance, what do you do next?

Tune in as Max learns to navigate the ebb and flow of love and finds what anchors his heart.

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