Be Your Own Valentine


With Valentine’s Day upon us, I’m reminded that although it only takes the click of a mouse to ‘friend’ another via social media, friending yourself is a much more difficult task. It means getting clear about what you want and having the courage to express those wants to others.  This is not something we have typically been taught growing up. In our culture, focusing on what YOU want can actually be thought of as selfish.  Let’s pause and re-think this because getting clear about what you want is actually the foundation of how you create solid relationships,

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Will Inspiration or Obligation Fuel Your Life This Year?


The new year is a great time to reflect on the lessons you’ve learned. I’m again reminded of the importance of setting clear intentions. I‘ve spent many a year focusing on other people’s needs and desires, without having a clue as to what I wanted. This resulted in an endless, exhaustive dance to make others happy, while I was left feeling lonely and resentful. As a recovering people-pleaser, the most important lesson I’ve learned is that I need to get clear about what I want and then, have the courage to articulate those desires to others.

I begin each year with a simple exercise to do just that.

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Prince Abdul Aziz and I Discuss Our Cultural Expectations


On Honor and Respect…One thing is for sure, as much as I say I’d like a simpler life, there’s a part of me that loves royal treatment.  More importantly, the feeling of being respected and honored by another is an unmistakable experience of the heart.  As my plane was landing in Saudi Arabia, I remembered the most important lesson I learned during my previous visit was about honor and respect.

In 2008, sitting on rugs in the middle of the Saudi Arabian desert, I had a life-changing epiphany. I had a rare opportunity to chat with Prince Abdul Aziz about our cultural differences.

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Who I Am and What I Do


Hi, I’m Dr. Neha and thanks for reading my blog. Through my own experience and struggles in our current medical system as a physician, a patient and a patient advocate, I’ve developed an innovative and practical method to help you take ownership of your health and well-being called the i-Five Experience.  What is the i-Five Experience you ask?  It’s an interactive, practical approach combining science and research with practical tools to change what’s not working in your life.

I call it the i-Five Experience because it connects the dots between Five distinct aspects of health:

  • what you observe in your BODY is connected to…
  • what you THINK,
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