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What Do You Want to Know About Communicating More Effectively With Your Friends, Family, Boss and Colleagues?

I get questions every day about communication and how to communicate more effectively with the important (and sometimes not so important) people in our lives. Here are some of the questions I receive most often: My sister-in-law and I butt heads at every family dinner and it’s driving me crazy. She makes such underhanded and…

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The Secret To Defeating Defensiveness

Do you know someone who enters conversations with their dukes up? Maybe it’s a colleague or boss at work. Or maybe it’s someone around the dinner table or at family gatherings.  You know, the person you wish would just relax, take a chill pill, and stop arguing and interrupting. You’ve probably done everything humanly possible…

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Are You On Empty or Self-Full?

Are You on Empty or Self-Full?
How many times have you tuned out the safety instructions blaring over the loudspeaker on an airplane? I bet you could recite them verbatim. The flight attendant calls for everyone’s attention. You know the drill … let’s fast forward to this part: “In the unlikely event that the cabin pressure should drop, oxygen masks will…

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