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How Anger Is Linked to Your Health

GET THE MP3 FOR THIS EPISODE  |  LISTEN ON iTUNES Have you ever considered how communication affects your health? Think about how many conversations you have every day— from one-word exchanges to hour-long talks. When communication breaks down— even if it’s momentary— your heart rate speeds up. Next, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels…

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Anger—Is it Better to Let It out or Hold It in?

Dr. Manny Alvarez: It's no secret that how you handle stress has a big impact on your health; however, what if the key to having an optimal health is in how you communicate during those stressful times? My guest today says her patients’ inability to communicate was literally making them sick, Dr. Neha Sangwan is the…

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The Two Step Decision Making Tool

Do You Have Decision-Fatigue? You know, when you waffle over making decisions that should be simpler than they feel. You make dozens of decisions every day ranging from simple ones (what to wear in the morning or what to eat) to more complex ones (whether you’ve outgrown a relationship or a job description). Sure, there…

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